We’re Going On A Wolf Hunt

After reading Little Red Riding Hood,it became clear that everyone was interested in the wolf-his teeth,his claws and his tongue with dripping spit. we have watched videos and looked closely at his teeth. A skull caught the interest of many. Last week the children went to the forest to look for any clues or signs that there may be wolves in our grounds. Shadows were seen. There may have been footprints. Some even said to have seen the wolf pass the window. We have painted,drawn and written about wolves. We have found out about tracking animals by following signs left behind-poo,fur caught on branches and footprints, There may be an odd carcass too.

We went out to look a second time and found a letter left for us. The letter asked us to make some snacks,build a den and write a book and make some warning signs. All of these jobs are in hand, 

Visit the classroom for more detail. Take a closer look at our clues and be amazed by the most wonderful work.

Exciting Learning