Wednesday 29th May

Good morning Adventurers! It is  a bit chillier today but at least it isn’t raining yet. Hopefully you can get out in the garden or for a walk this morning before the rain comes this afternoon. 


Imagine you are the superhero! What do you wear?
Today can you draw yourself in a picture and then imagine yourself in your superhero costume ready to save the world?
Then I would like you to write a character description for your superhero. Remember to use some noun phrases, interesting adjectives, alliteration and similes to really help bring your character to life.
I look forward to seeing your superheroes.
Enjoy your day!
Mrs Roe


Today Adventurers, I would like you to continue playing in your toy shops but instead of adding together items to get a total, I would like you to start giving change. Chose 1 item to buy and work how much change you would get (choose the amount you want to give change from 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2 and so on if you wish).

Giving change can be a really tricky concept to get at first so playing lots of games can really help you to grasp it. I have found some online games for the children that prefer to use a computer 

Start with a smaller amount that you feel comfortable with at first and then work you way up to a higher amount once you feel more comfortable. Remember, using pretend/real money can really help your understanding so if you can, use this as a tool.
Extension – buy two items and figure out how much change you would get from your chosen amount.

I would love to see any number sentences you have written to show the questions you have answered. Remember, you can always use one of your subtraction written methods if you are get stuck.


I thought it would be a fun activity to do some singing today Adventurers. It really makes me smile when we all sing together at school so I hope you enjoy this activity!

Remember to warm up your voices before you start – this helps our body and voice to prepare for singing and protects our vocal chords. There is a nice warm up video on this BBC bitesize clip 

Below the warm up video, there are several fun activities. You can chose a song to sing along to on the game play it and edit the songs using musical instruments or on activity 2, you can make up dance routines to a song, Or alternatively, you could chose one of your own songs to learn (you can search the lyrics to songs online – ask an adult to help you with this) and make up your own dance routine.


As always, there is more information about these activities on Tapestry. We hope you have lots of fun doing these activities and would love to see any work that you have done, whether it is what we have set or other things you have been doing. 

Mrs Roe and Mrs Burtonn