Water and Paint and Buttons and Building

So much goes on in Pioneers in any one day!

This week we have been looking closely at a huge collection of buttons and the wonderful book called The Button Box. Everyone picked their favourite button and said why they had chosen it. There was lots of filling and pouring and teamwork to move buttons from jar to box and then into a makeup stand with tiers of sections.The buttons were sorted by colour and set out in shapes and in lines. The Pioneers left no button untidied and every little button made its way back to the jar.

We have played a number of maths games with hoops and skittles and bricks and dice. They have required patience,turn taking and counting and it was wonderful to watch this develop over the week.

We got some paint out on Thursday and did a bit of experimentation with mixing and moving the colours. The Pioneers pressed and rolled and painted and all was quiet while they concentrated.

Potions were popular on Wednesday and the Pioneers mixed up some flowers and herbs in the big giant teapot and made soup in some donated buckets. Many had damp feet but few complained!

Another week of happy learning!