Tuesday 5th May 2020

Good Morning Leaders.

I have seen some fantastic stories and settings so far which makes me excited for what will be produced by the end of this week; the creativity is flowing. I’m sure there will be some amazing things to look forward to.


In English this week, you have a choice. I would like you to either end up with your story in a comic strip or, if you have the facilities, to have a go making your story into an animation. For either option you can use your story setting from last week to help you.

Today is the time to decide which option you are going to choose and make a start. I will continue to upload things to help you but would like you to decide how you are going to go about this task and which part you feel that you want to do first.

Here is information about both animations and comic strips. Have a look and make your choice. You may want to make a start today too but remember you have the rest of the week to complete this so there is no rush – build up your comic/animation over the course of the week.






Have a go at this game today. Choose your ‘bot’ and see if you can win the challenge -use your knowledge of the four operations.



Problem Solving – Computational Thinking

There are some fantastic free resources available as schools are currently closed. Here is a resource from icompute for you have a go at.

You will need to be systematic and logical to solve the problem. Good luck!