Tuesday 24th March 2020

Morning Leaders

I hope lots of you joined me with Joe Wicks this morning – 20 different exercises in 20 minutes – well done everyone!  My personal favourite was the ice skater.  Same time tomorrow if you didn’t manage to join us today.

You will probably have heard that we now have at least 3 weeks in our homes – in those 3 weeks I would like you all to set yourself a challenge.  You all know that I showed you a ukulele in the class a little while ago with the promise that I was going to teach myself so we can learn as a class together.  That is going to be my challenge over the next 3 weeks.  Your challenge could be anything from learning something new to completing something every day for those 3 weeks.

I will be in touch with your families over the course of the week and would love to find out what your challenges are.