15th February 2019

Discoverers enjoy going swimming every Friday morning, with Pioneers, and are nearly half way through their swimming sessions.  

The children were eager to get in the water in their first session but had to be split into groups first according to how well they would already swim.  All of the older children swam in the big pool, which took a lot of courage for some of our less confident swimmers.

Discoverers think that the pool is quite cold which helps them to swim faster to keep warm!

The children in the deep end are trying to perfect their strokes.

The children in the middle group are working on putting their heads in the water, learning a breathing technique.

The children in the shallowest part of the big pool are doing lots of activities to develop water confidence, including their ability to float in the water without moving.


“Swimming is really fun.”


“Swimming is active and fun.”


“I’d like to learn some harder strokes.”


“I wish we could go swimming every day.”

Mia B

“I like to get dressed quickly to win the tokens.”

Scarlett F

“I don’t like getting in at the beginning because it’s cold.”