Safety First

Hello again, Visitors,

This week, we have been thinking about ways that we can stay safe. We have worked with our play therapist Mel and thought about how we can look after our own metal health, we’ve spoken with Mrs Taylor about road safety and how to avoid taking risks, and we have learned about electrical safety, and why it’s important to not overload sockets or have wet hands when using electricity. 

As well as learning about keeping safe, we have also been learning about some people who have to take huge risks in order to stay safe. We have learned all about refugees and migrants, and are beginning to write a narrative about somebody who has to flee their country for safety. 

We are praying for those who are having to move out of their homes so quickly, and for those people who find themselves lost or afraid in a new country.  We are considering ways that we can help refugees, in addition to the collections that we gather at school.