Real Botham’s-What a Treat!


Today was tremendous from start to finish. The Pioneers took the bus to Whitby to see how a real tea room functions. 

Walking along Skinner Street,we spotted a single black glove. Could this belong to Santa?

We received a fabulous greeting on arrival and we were taken to our table. Every guest was treated to their choice of cake and beverage. Tea was poured very carefully. All the staff came to chat and to tell us about their role in making the wonderful Botham’s work. A real Mr Botham came to tell us about the history of the business and the children shared stories about their families.

As we finished our tea,it was brought to our attention that a letter,tied in green ribbon had been left for us. Could this be another letter from Santa? It was and it told us that he really liked a Lemon Bun.

We had to go to the shop right away and buy one for him. Perhaps he will fly over Sleights tonight to pick it up.

Throughout this visit we were treated so so well and made to feel really special.

The children walked along Skinner Street back to our bus,singing with happy hearts.So much wonderful learning took place.

Thank you so much Botham’s of Whitby 

Go Team Pioneer.