Our First Week Back After Easter

Hello Visitors,

Our first week back has been jam-packed with lots of learning about new topics.

In RE we have started to explore the question: ‘What would Jesus do?’. We have focused on the parable of ‘The Two Builders’ this week, from Matthew 7:24-27. We discussed the parable’s meaning: if we trust in God, and live the life that he wants us to live, we will lead a successful and happy life. 

We have also worked hard to complete a poster about animals in English lessons. We have included conjunctions and relative clauses within our writing, and practised drawing the animal of our choice. Did you know that snow leopards can’t roar?

Finally, we wanted to share our new Christian Value with you all: Service. We will be exploring this in Collective Worship each day, and completing activities that are related within our prayer spaces. 

We hope you have had a great week too.