Our First Post of the New Year

Happy New Year Everybody,

We came back to school on Wednesday, and have already got stuck into our new topics!

We have started to explore Ancient Egypt, in history. We can’t wait to find out more!

In English, we have began writing an explanation text, explaining how the water cycle works. Do you know anything about it? We will share our work with you in the coming weeks. 

When exploring the water cycle, we created it on a plastic bag which holds water, and taped it to the window. We have been watching as the water has evaporated and turned into condensation, and then dripped back to the bottom of the bag. 

We also have an exciting, new book which we are reading as our class text, its called The Wild Robot. We can’t wait to read the first part this afternoon, but it has been strongly recommended and the blurb makes it sound fun. We have read some other Peter Brown books, and enjoyed them all!

Here are some pictures of our water cycle bags: