If at First You Don’t Succeed,Try,Try Again

Our Christian Value is Perseverance and we have had to persevere this week. We have experienced a number of setbacks with our rocket-a leaky pump, a tricky connection and then it shot over into a neighbouring garden. A mission was launched to recover our rocket lost in the wilderness.

The day after the rocket went missing another Elf letter arrived asking for help. One of our elf friends had gone to get the rocket and was stuck in a tree. Luckily the Pioneers were on hand to rescue him. We were most grateful to our helpful neighbours for their support in this matter.

Meanwhile, back in the classroom we build our own junk models. These began as rockets but have now turned into complex robots. Through this work we have found out about joining techniques and the need to wait for glue to dry. The Re-Bot and his friend the U-Bot (re-Use-Bot) are incredible and on display in our classroom.

In maths we have been comparing using a balance scale and this has got us thinking and talking and estimating. It’s tricky stuff.


And the Beebots have featured too and they have some beautiful new mats to roam on. The Pioneers have been giving them complex sets of instructions to make their way across.

A lovely week of happy learning.