Happy Learners

This week in History, we have been researching how food shopping has changed over the years. We have been looking at Frank Meadow Sutcliffe’s pictures, which show the Market Square in Whitby dating back to 1640. In the past we were shocked to find out that the market sold urine as a cleaning product. This revelation produced lots of shocked gasps and groans in class.

In Science, we have found out that the Earth orbits the sun, with one orbit constituting a year of roughly 365 days. This lesson provoked some wonderful discussion points around the Sun, Moon and Earth. We all agreed that Space facts are fascinating.

Learners have felt a real pride in their writing this week, which has been a joy to see. Each individual is continuing to focus on ways to improve their own writing skills. This dedication has been wonderful and has really paid off with some great writers emerging. Keep up the good work Learners.

We are very happy learners in Learners Class 🙂