Happy Holidays

Happy new week Leaders,
It is officially the start of the Easter holidays. To have some fun during this time, we are teaming up with Discoverers and are going to be completing the same, exciting activities. 
We will set a fun activity: today, Wednesday and Friday. For today, myself and Mrs Walker thought you might like to become the teacher. We would you like you to plan an exercise routine, like Joe Wicks has been doing each morning, or a dance routine. We want you to teach your family the routine and get them to perform it for you. If they are feeling brave, they may let you film it and upload it on to tapestry for staff to see your hard work. 
This can last as long or as short as you like, and you can spend as much time as you need rehearsing and preparing together. I have uploaded a Joe Wicks video below, to give you some inspiration.
Good luck
Mrs Taylor and Mrs Walker