Friday 6th March 2020

We have been back to school for two whole weeks since our half term, and this time has flown by so quickly!

Last week, we joined the year 3’s from Adventurers and took part in some fantastic Hockey training at Caedmon College. We all did really well with our skills and impressed Mr Hopper!

This week, six of us had the opportunity to return to the college and participate in some hockey tournaments. We did amazingly well and tried so hard, we managed to secure third place! We are very proud of this achievement. 

We are also proud of the people who performed in the Eskdale festival. Nine of the children in Discoverers took part, and we managed to achieve some medals, certificates, and plenty of praise from the visitors at the festival. 

After the past few weeks we have been creating eco-bricks. Building an eco-brick is a way of preventing unrecyclable plastic from entering our oceans and adding to landfill sites.  These bricks can then be used to build walls and furniture. Please check out the video below to see how you can start making them for yourself: 

Here are our eco-bricks so far:

We have a long way to go to ensure that they are completely full. We will keep you posted when we have a finished product.