Friday 3rd July 2020

Good Morning Leaders
Wow, what a quick week that was – I’m, not quite sure where is disappeared!!  It’s Friday again which means that all children are at home today.  Have a look at the activities for today or you might want to take some time to finish something that you haven’t completed from other days of the week.
Let’s hope the sun shines for the weekend and the sky is blue. ?
Why is The Sky Blue? – English


Choose one of the subjects that you have written questions about and have a go at writing a poem on the same theme.

You can choose any format of poetry you would like.

Mystery Tables – Maths
Can you crack the code to find out the mystery tables.
Can Fish Hear Things? – Science
This pages tells us all about the way fish can hear the vibrations of other fish and water features.
Today, I would like you to investigate a selection of different animals and find out about their hearing.
Can all animals hear?  Which can hear the best?  Can all animals hear the same sounds?