Friday 20th May 2022

 The Leaders have really enjoyed their learning in PHSCE this week, where they have learned about careers and finance. The children thought about their own skills and goals for the future, learned about the qualities and skills needed for particular careers, salaries and how to be successful in a job selection process. The children have also learned about tax and how the money that people earn can help the community.

Below are some of the goals that Leaders have for the future:

-To own my own house

-To have a well-paid job

-To have a family

-To do well in school

-To own my own pet

-To learn how to drive and own a car

– To live a happy life

– To become a horse riding instructor

– To play professional sports

– To become a scientist

– To become an archaeologist


In addition to their PHSCE work, Leaders have also been learning about types of teeth in science, where they matched descriptions to teeth before finding more out about them. In history, the children worked in groups to order historical periods that they have studied in Key Stage 2 and considered where the Ancient Greek period would fit in. After revisiting the dates of each period, the children created their own timelines.