Friday 1st October 2021

This week we have spent some time in the forest which allowed us to check on the status of our structures and answer the million dollar question as to whether the kindling was still  dry.  We were not too hopeful as it has been very windy and rainy.   We found a mixture of results but we were able to identify which structures had worked well and why, which should help us in the future. The next questions were: could we light a fire; did we have enough kindling. 

We managed to get the fire lit but quickly realised that there would not be enough kindling to boil our Kelly Kettle.  We decided to fill our most successful structures with more kindling so that we will be able to look forward to a nice warm drink (as it gets colder) the next time we are in the forest.


In collective worship this week, we have been continuing our journey through the bible although we are still in the book of Genesis.  We found out about the test that God gave Abraham in terms of sacrifice and what this means.