Friday 1st May 2020

Good Morning Leaders.

It’s May already! 

Year 6 – you would normally be on the final run up to SATS but we already know that, this year, is very different… or is it.  At Sleights, we know that SATS are a very small part of your journey and the fun you’ve had along the way and both the memories and friends made are just as important.  You are all uniquely different and that’s what makes you special. 

I miss every one of you but have been honoured to share your lockdown journeys through videos, photos and conversations with you and your families.  Remember, your classmates are also missing you too so, keep sending in those ‘hellos’ and I will try and put them together for next week.  


You should have the start of your story done and I’d like you to spend today getting to the end your story.

Where does your magical door lead? Can you get back or maybe you stay through the door?


Problem Solving

Look at the problems, decide what operation you need to do and then solve the answer.

Once you have solved the problems, look at the questions again and identify any information that you did not need to solve the problem (it may have just been put in there to try and catch you out!).

Story Setting

It’s Friday again already!

I’d like you to have a go at making one or more of your story settings over the next few days. You can do this either inside or outside and can use anything you like – have a look at the examples.

You might want to use natural resources, recycling or just art and craft materials that you already have. You might also decide to use Lego, Playmobil or other figures that you already have at home.

Please remember to take pictures of your setting (unless you are going to leave it all made) as we will be using these next week.