Friday 10th June 2022

It has been a busy and productive week for the children in Leaders as they begin their final half term at primary school.

This week, Leaders have continued to focus on their writing. We started the week by watching an animation called ‘Wing’, which is about a one-winged creature, who is tormented by crows because he is different. In the end, with the help of a kind friend, Wing is able to escape the crows. The children have worked incredibly hard to use their Year 6 writing skills when completing a narrative based on this animation. They have now completed and edited their final pieces and are looking forward to sharing their stories with the children in Discoverers on Monday.

In addition to writing, the children enjoyed exploring using line and shading to create different tones and textures in art. 

On Friday, Leaders visited the Early Years’ buildings for the final time before work to demolish them commences next week. We made sure to take pictures and videos of the buildings as we plan to base some of our writing around the building work over the coming weeks.

Next week, there is a lot to look forward to in Leaders class. The children will be participating in Mini Medic training on Monday, and, on Friday, the children will attend a Quad Kids sporting event at Whitby Sixth Form along with Year 5 pupils from Discoverers class. Keep an eye on the class blog and Tapestry next week to find out about these events.