Fitting Five Days of Learning into Four!

It has been another busy week of new learning for the Pioneers. We are following our interest in eggs and popped down to the forest to consider,discuss and build some nests. We asked,”What does a nest need to be?” and “Where should a nest be located?”

The Pioneers selected materials and discussed the shapes and structures required to keep the egg safe. No eggs were cracked in the making of these nests.

The nest needs to be “comfy” and the tree selected should be “stable”. We had a walk around to look for the best tree. “Nests should be in a tree to be safe from badgers and foxes”. “They are predators”

Way back in October when we were all small, we had a fiddle around with some seed heads and collected some for planting in the spring. The time has come to get them potted up and labelled.

Some are even poking through the soil already.

Exciting times.

Maths Magic has been taking place all over the place as Pioneers discover how amazing arrays are. We looked at different ways to arrange 12 and spotted columns and rows.

So much maths chat.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us with our learning this week. Sleights is a wonderful place to learn.

Happy Learning