PE on the field

We took advantage of the sun this morning and had our P.E session outside. Initially,  we played with the balls, hoops and small rings. Miss Idle then thought we would try a few games where we would need to listen to instructions, take turns and take our time. The children did brilliantly! We had two relay races where the children each took a baton and ran and passed it on. We then tried putting the ball between our legs and waddling or hopping to the hoop. Finally, we used a small ring to place on our heads and balance it as we walked to Mrs Bland. We had great fun!



We’ve been using baloons in P.E this morning. Firstly, the children were given an instruction to try keep their balloons in the air and not let them drop on the floor. They were then asked to place it inbetween their legs/knees and jump or waddle over to Miss Idle at the other side of the hall. The children did brilliantly,they showed concentration skills and had lots of perseverance as the balloons were very tricky to keep between their legs. Not one of them gave up though which was brilliant! We then all worked as a team to keep the balloon on the large parachute holding onto a handle each and lifting it up. The children listened for their names when shouted and had a turn at running underneath the parachute to the other side. A brave group of children even had a turn at laying on top of their balloons to see if they could put their body weight on it without it popping!

The wicked witch turned Mr Grason into a frog!

The Wicked Witch has been into our class this morning cooking up a potion. Mr Grason came for his daily chocolate biscuit from the cupboard and noticed the green tea looking all delicious. He was very cheeky and poured himself a cup but little did he know that it was a magic potion that would turn him into a frog! Off he hopped out of the classroom and went missing somewhere around school.
Miss Idle explained to the children we must visit Forest School to find the good witches hat, broomstick and wand, then we must collect some ingredients to make a potion together so that we could turn Mr Grason back.We said a spell of “Iggety, Ziggety, Zaggerty, Zog! Let’s turn Mr Grason back from a frog!” And guess what… worked! Yay! The children then enjoyed some imaginative play of their own. Some children were the frogs and some played the witch and the wizard. A great morning!

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

This week we are looking at time and routines. Our story book is called What’s the time Mr Wolf? The wolf has a very busy day doing lots of different things. Listen to the story as Miss Idle reads it and we will begin today by making a clock. Do you have one around the house you can look at? Try and copy the numbers yourself. Do you recognise any of the numerals when you look at them?

The Gingerbread Man

This week in Explorers we are reading ‘The gingerbread man’.We are looking at ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ this week so this morning with the children that have been in, we have looked at all the different ingredients used to make gingerbread. The children had a feel of the dry ingredients before we added the wet ones to bind it all together. The children then used the rolling pin and cutter to cut their gingerbread man out and once cooked, we are going to decorate them. We also have some gingerbread dough in the kitchen with some of the dry ingredients in pots so the children can make their own creations. 

Trying new food

This morning we read Handa’s Surprise and looked at all of the fruits in our basket. Just before snack we took the basket of fruits to the table. Miss Idle took each one out and we looked at them to see if we could remember what they were called. We then had a guess of what colour the fruits may be inside. We passed each fruit around the circle to feel the texture and once Miss Idle had cut them in half we all smelt the fruits. After we had done that we had a taste of the delicious fruits at snack time. Today we tried banana, orange,passion fruit, pineapple, avocado, tangerines and mango. All of the children tried everything which was fantastic. We even had some empty plates and some children who asked for more!

People who help us

In Explorers Class we are talking about people who help us. Our week began talking about how Mummy and daddy help us at home. We then spoke about different jobs and people who help us. We have added some dressing up of different occupations to our role play area, such as firemen, policemen, nurses, doctors and we have already had lots of fire fighters this week! The children have looked at pictures of a person and a vehicle which are of a different occupation and have matched them together. The children have also picked an occupation they would like to be and made a hat to use during more imaginary play. For the final week of term we will change the role play equipment to different job types, so wait to see who we will be next week!