The wicked witch turned Mr Grason into a frog!

The Wicked Witch has been into our class this morning cooking up a potion. Mr Grason came for his daily chocolate biscuit from the cupboard and noticed the green tea looking all delicious. He was very cheeky and poured himself a cup but little did he know that it was a magic potion that would turn him into a frog! Off he hopped out of the classroom and went missing somewhere around school.
Miss Idle explained to the children we must visit Forest School to find the good witches hat, broomstick and wand, then we must collect some ingredients to make a potion together so that we could turn Mr Grason back.We said a spell of “Iggety, Ziggety, Zaggerty, Zog! Let’s turn Mr Grason back from a frog!” And guess what… worked! Yay! The children then enjoyed some imaginative play of their own. Some children were the frogs and some played the witch and the wizard. A great morning!