Busy, busy, busy.

Wow, another busy week in Learners’ Class.

In RE this week, we have been reflecting on the times we have heard Christian prayers and hymns.  We thought about how these songs and prayers made us feel and how they help Christians learn about what God is like.

In maths, we have been getting to grips with money, finding out the worth of each coin and using these to help us problem solve. We are also becoming 10 times table whizzes, – which is our focus times table this half -term.

In English and History, we have been comparing our own homes with that of Victorian homes. We were quite shocked to learn about a time with no TV or games consoles! We were even more shocked to learn that the toilet was outside in Victorian times – this caused a real stir in class!

We have enjoyed printing using paints and leaves this week in Art. There is no shortage of autumn leaves to be collected and we enjoyed using different coloured paints to print. Our leaf creations are beautiful.

Remember, next Wednesday is Forest School day, please come dressed appropriately for the weather with lots of warm layers. We are sure to have a fun day!

Learners’ Class