Another sunny day!

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well.

I’m sure you have come up with quite a few ideas to answer the question ‘Why are worms different colours?’ From my observations and investigation yesterday, I think it’s because earthworms burrow in the ground, swallowing soil as they go. Some of the soil is then deposited in the gizzard/body making them appear different colours. However, there is one species of worm that is bright blue!

Having spoken to some families yesterday I would like to share some of their ideas for home learning:

Build a den with your brothers or sisters and share a story together or snack. This can be done indoors or outside.

Do some maths outdoors using chalk to write your number sentences. You can play catch whilst reciting your times tables or count in 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s and 10’s as you climb the stairs.

Build a model house, castle or rocket using Lego or other building bricks.

It was lovely to hear that you are all working together!


I would also like to suggest the Book Trust web page, as they have free read along books.

Keep up with the challenges on Sumdog. I’ve set myself the challenge of going on for 20 minutes everyday so i can get better at ‘The junk pile’ and ‘Cannonball’. See if you can beat me!


Hope you all have a lovely day.

Take care

Mrs Roe