Amazing Adventurers!

Hello everyone,

We have had another brilliant week in Adventurers class at Sleights and have all been working extremely hard.

In English, we have started to explore balanced arguments. We are writing about whether animals should be kept in captivity or not. We love learning about this and creating our own fact files about zoos on Jamboard using our Chromebooks.

We learnt DT for the first time this term, creating the tallest towers out of paper. It was very tricky to get them to stand up on their own. We look forward to finding out more about structures in the next few weeks.

In Science, we finished our electricity topic by learning about Micheal Faraday. We will be exploring about living things and their habitats next. 

We have been also been going on Jamboard in computing with Mrs Gurney, creating our own superhero posters. This is really fun!

We hope we have another fabulous week next week. 

Adventurers 🙂