Abstract Artists.

A busy week as always in Learners Class. 

This week we have welcomed a new member of our class – Story Mouse. Story Mouse has very quickly made lots of new friends and has become a very popular Learner. We have enjoyed reading and telling stories to Story Mouse and are excited to learn more about his role in our classroom. On Thursday, Story Mouse left us a letter with a gift of HIS/HER favourite book to share. We delighted in sharing the story together and were eager to write letters in response.

We are continuing to enjoy learning more about the past and have been thinking about Museums this week. We discussed the Museums we had visited and also the Museums we would like to visit in the future. We watched some virtual tours and talked excitedly about artefacts and their importance.

We have also produced some stunning artwork this week, inspired by this term’s artist Kandinsky. The pieces of art were just amazing. We hope you enjoy them too!

We are busy preparing for Harvest Time and rehearsing our own class song, it’s going to be sensational!

Happy Learning as always 🙂

Learners Class