A busy and happy week!

Wow! what successful week Learners’ Class have had. It has been our first full week as a new class and we have achieved so much together. 

We have introduced our new Prayer space activity and have enjoyed making lists and drawing pictures about the things in our own lives that we are thankful for.

“Dance was awesome this week, I can’t wait for next week”. It’s safe to say we all enjoyed our first dance session. We could link our music topic too – beat and pulse – and enjoyed walking and clapping to the beat of the music.

We have been busy drawing maps of the school grounds to aid our writing this week and are writing instructions to help others use a map.

We delighted in using compasses outside in the fresh air to help us locate North, South, East and West. We found out which direction the Sun moves across the sky each day. If you ask us, we can now tell you which direction the Sun rises each morning and sets each evening! We were fascinated by this!

We have enjoyed lots of stories together and always enjoy voting for our favourite book of the week on Fridays!

What a busy and wonderful week.