A wonderful first week!

Learners class have settled back into school life with such ease this week! I am so proud of how grown-up they have come in to school each morning. It feels like Year 1 have always been a part of Learners class and the Year 2’s have made them feel so welcome. It has been lovely to see. We are proving to be a great team already! This term in History, we are thinking about changes over time. This week, we have had a go at writing using feathers and ink – its trickier than you might think! In Science we have learned a little bit more about the sun, luckily it has been shining all week to help us with our learning. We are excited to begin using our loom to weave in class and have been practising our skills with some paper weaving. On Thursday afternoon, we had PE on the field and delighted in practising our jumping and leaping techniques.

We have enjoyed playing and exploring our classroom this week and most importantly everyone’s face has been a happy one! What a start Learners!

Mrs Brown