A Silver Award for the Hedgehog Heroes!

We are overjoyed to celebrate our Silver award accredited to Sleights this week. Learners class have delighted in their role as Hedgehog Heroes over the last two years. We have shared posters, lead assemblies, written to neighbours and many other things in our campaign to raise the awareness of hedgehogs in our community. We cheered together and felt very proud as our Silver award was announced! A huge well done Learners Class old and new!

As part of our history work, we have been learning about the different types of monarchy this week. We found out about the differences between absolute monarchy and constitutional monarchy and we decided that a constitutional monarchy was a much fairer way to rule! However, we did enjoy creating our own rules and laws as rulers of an absolute monarchy – this was great fun!

On Friday, Learners class have been printing as inspired by our focus artist Andy Warhol. This week we were concentrating on making a clean print and used a range of hard and soft materials. We are looking forward to looking at more of Andy Warhol’s styles and  techniques.

Come and join us on Thursday 9th February, as we will be opening the classroom doors to families to join us for some storytelling activities. Learners can’t wait to share their favourite stories with you!