A fun-filled four days.

Even though we’ve had a four-day week, it has certainly been jam-packed. We have packed in so many learning opportunities into our four days.

We had a great time on Tuesday afternoon, as we travelled to Caedmon College for a multi-skills festival. We enjoyed throwing, jumping and running activities and had some great team spirit and lots of enthusiasm. 

This week we have started a new writing focus around our town of Whitby. We are in the process of creating an advert to persuade others to visit our lovely town. With this in mind, we created mind-maps of the places we liked to visit in Whitby and the activities we enjoy there. We worked in teams, drawing and labelling pictures to aid our learning.

In History, we have been learning about Frank Meadow Sutcliffe and have become very interested in sepia photography. So much so that we decided to create our own versions. These will be displayed in our classroom for us to enjoy.

We have enjoyed PE, computing and have shared many stories together this week too. 

There is always a buzz for learning in Learners Class. 🙂