A Busy Week For The Elves

This week has been wonderful.  Everywhere is a buzz of reading,writing,thinking and doing. The elves have asked for buns and these have been made. Bob the Elf has his own swimming bag,towel and shorts. The Beebots arrived and were quickly put to good use pulling and pushing the sleigh full of elves.So much excitement was visible here and great discussion on how to combine the power of push and pull.

Our Christian Value is Perseverance and this was certainly present. The Pioneers worked as a team to attach, program and press “Go!” on the Beebots. They have all been looking closely at the gadgets and equipment we have in the classroom and they are interested to find out how things work.

One Pioneer suggested that the elves need a necklace and there was silence while they sat and threaded. This showed real perseverance. They helped each other with the knots. A lovely Pioneer made necklaces for their friends too. This shows real kindness and consideration.

Mr and Mrs Cobbler delivered a selection of clothing and the materials to make suitcases. The Pioneers worked together to dress their elves and attach handles to their cases. This was tricky and fiddly but they did not give up.

Another wonderful week of happy learning.