A Creative Week!

Learners Class have been busy writing letters in English this week. Letters to each other, letters to Mrs Eglon (thanking her for a delicious Jubilee lunch), letters to the neighbours providing them with information of how to be a ‘hedgehog hero’. We are really enjoying this writing topic.

In Maths we have been busy measuring weight. We have become human balancing scales and have been checking which objects in the classroom are heavier and lighter than each other.

We are LOVING our class song ‘Zootime’ in Music and have been reflecting on how the song makes us feel and trying to guess how old the piece of music is. Ask us to sing it for you at home, I think you will be impressed!

On Thursday afternoon, we became artists. Our new focus artist is Paul Klee, who draws in a cubism style. We  looked at some of Paul Klee’s work and tried a portrait in the cubism style. Our drawings were wonderful. Take a look at our pictures.

We are excited to attend Quad Kids Sports event tomorrow afternoon (Friday 10th) . Please make sure your child has a PE kit in schools, applies sun cream before school, has a hat and a water bottle to take with them. I am sure it will be great fun and a lovely way to end a busy week. 

Learners Class