Archimedes Mixed Age Planning

At Sleights, we follow the North Yorkshire Archimedes Mixed Age Planning. This supports the teaching and learning of different mathematics topics across mixed age classes. Suggested long term plans, demonstrating subject coverage, can be found on the school website.

In the classroom, mathematics working walls are used to display key learning and vocabulary in order to support all children during lessons.



We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to be challenged and become mathematician masters! With this in mind, we have recently significantly increased the level of challenge that children are exposed to during the school day. For example, in classrooms, children regularly access challenge boxes that focus on developing fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. Children are facilitated in choosing their challenge and where a choice may lead to a challenge that is too easy or too hard, skilled teachers support children to reflect and evaluate their own learning.


Times Tables

Children are given daily opportunities to practise and develop times table knowledge. This takes a variety of forms, including: games, singing, online resources and peer assessments.


Maths Planning Overview Reception and KS1

Maths Planning Overview KS2