A great week

What a fantastic week it has been in Leaders class!

On Monday, the children demonstrated excellent historical skills when they used evidence from Tudor times to find out about black history during that era. They used an image of a painting from the time and thought about what they could see, what they could infer from this and questions that they had. They then considered the same things when looking at a letter from the time. The children then used information texts to find out more and were able to answer their own questions. They learned about John Blanke, Mary Fillis and Jacques Francis. Ask your child what they know about these people and their lives in Tudor Britain. Leaders love to share their knowledge.

On Thursday, Leaders had a fantastic day out at Scarborough Spa to take part in the Scarborough Science and Engineering Week.
To start off their visit, they watched a show in the theatre that helped them to understand more about engineering and science in everyday life.
Next, after lunch, the children explored the exhibitions. There were a variety of these and they showcased more about science and engineering as well as careers in these areas. The children also enjoyed collecting freebies as we moved from stand to stand!

On Friday, the children continued to use their focus artist, Esther Mahlangu, to inspire their art work. The children created geometric patterns and used acrylic paint to block colour. The children thought about how to use brush strokes to do this.