Adventurers start to the term.

The Adventurers have had a fantastic second week and should be really proud of their efforts! In English, they have worked very hard to produce their own Terra Carta about the environment and they look great!

The have started gymnastics in P.E, began exploring the Amazon Rainforest in geography and made a good start to our science topic of light! It is great to see the Adventurers settling back into school life so well! 

We are all looking forward to next weeks learning, keep up the great work!


Learners Class Terra Carta.

Learners Class have been buzzing with ideas for their own Terra Carta this week, inspired by the book It’s Up To Us. We have had wonderful discussions and have painted pictures to match our plans for action. The future of the planet is in safe hands with the emergence of such a caring generation. 

In maths year 1 have been busy sorting objects into groups and even thought of as many different ways as they could to sort themselves, from eye colour, to the colour of their socks and lots more besides. Year 2 have been consolidating teen numbers and perfecting the spellings of the words to match.

In RE this week we have been identifying the special things important to Christians, a lot of which we have seen during our own visits to St John’s Church.

We had lots of fun in music this week, clapping out beats and passing the pattern around the classroom to each other, and adding beats to the pattern to make the pattern harder each time, there was a lot of concentration and lots of smiles.

Learners have had a fantastic first full week. We have shared a lot of stories and enjoyed identifying the meaning of words that we hadn’t heard before.

We are excited to begin cricket sessions on Monday and ready for the week ahead.


Our First Full Week

The Pioneers have completed their first full week at school and it has been wonderful. So much has been achieved and everyone is much more independent in the classroom. They know where the resources are and where and how they need to be returned. We are beginning to find the rhythm of the day and that is reassuring. Things happen in the same order each day and within that order, exploration and experimentation,thinking talking and calculating can happen. Often this is noisy and messy and then a calm occurs when everyone is focussed and the learning happens.

We have been painting and building and sorting and arranging and comparing and sharing and laughing and learning together. It is no wonder that we are a bit tired by the end of the day.

Well done!


The start of a new school year in Leaders

What an amazing start to the new school year Leaders have had!

In maths, the children have been working extremely hard on place value and persevering when faced with challenges with excellent success. They have mastered reading, writing and ordering numbers to 10,000,000.

In English, we have been creating our own Terra Cartas, inspired by the text, ‘It’s Up to Us’. The children have written thoughtful responses when writing about nature and the impact that human actions are having on the planet. The published books are looking incredible.

We have also been enjoying books in Leaders. Our whole class reading text for this term is ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ and at the end of each day, we are reading ‘Can You See Me?’. 

In computing and PSHE, the children have been considering how to stay safe online. They have considered what harmful content is and how to report it as well as how to create safe profiles.

On Thursday, it was great to hear the music of our class band once again. This year, we have teamed up with the Discoverers to make a new Year 5/6 class band and we are looking forward to more brilliant performances as the year progresses.

This half term, our Christian Value is Thankfulness. The children have enjoyed exploring this value through the story of Jesus and the lepers this week in Worship.

An Exciting First Week Back

Hello Visitors,

Thank you for checking out our page. We have been back to school for just over a week now, and have managed to learn so much! 

We have explored numbers to 1,000,000 in maths, and have done really well with reading and writing them. We have also had our first music lesson after over 6 week without any. We remembered all of our notes brilliantly!

In RE, we have started to explore the question: What would Jesus do? To learn more about the person Jesus was, we explored the parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders. We created bible stands and tested them on sand and clay, deciding which were the best foundations for our constructions. 

We talked about the importance of following our Christian Values, and how this would help us to lead a fulfilling life. 

A great start for the new Learners!

What a brilliant first week back for the Learners Class. The new year ones have settled in wonderfully, in just three days. This has been amazing to see. Both year groups have already been working collaboratively, which is a great sign of things to come.

Learners have had a busy few days visiting our school library to choose books for our classroom. Our class  now has a range books, both fiction and non-fiction for us to enjoy at our pleasure.

Our times table focus this term is the ten times table and we have spent some time this week using resources to aid our learning.

We are exploring the book ‘It’s Up To Us: A Children’s Terra Carta’ and have had some wonderful discussion and drawn pictures around nature and the planet. We were delighted to watch the King introduce the book and ask for our help. Next week we will be collecting our ideas of how we can help the planet and writing to the King. We will keep you posted!

The sun was bright on Thursday, so we opened the doors and went outside where it was cooler. We collected autumn leaves from the tree outside and with a partner created our own autumn trees.

We finished a busy week getting started on Sumdog and with some fun PE in the Hall.

What an amazing first week. I am very excited to see what Learners Class 2023-24 achieve! 

Mrs Brown