It’s Christmas

The Christmas Fair was a wonderful event from start to finish. It raised over £560 for our school and a good time was had by all. Mrs Exelby worked jolly hard assisted by lots of other busy elves.

Santa enjoyed chatting to all the children and was delighted to hear how much they enjoyed mathematics and english.

The Leaders helped out on all the stalls and were effective and efficient and we couldn’t have managed without them.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this memorable event.

Happy Christmas Time

Sirius Mine Naming Ceremony

On Thursday 13th September 2018, we were delighted to find out that Joe, Isaac, Owen and Freddie from Leaders Class had been chosen as winners in a competition. Sirius Minerals asked school children from the local area to name a piece of their new mine shaft machinery and the boys’ name was chosen. The group decided that Bessy was the perfect name for the machine, as it has a meaning of “God’s promise” The children wanted the workers of the machinery to always be safe and protected and the team at Sirius agreed that Bessy was the perfect name for this!

In a special opening ceremony, the boys revealed the machine’s name to television cameras and radio interviews, as well as a rather large crowd of workers. The celebrities for the day were total superstars and spoke so well to the media and Sirius staff. They were a total asset to the school and made us very proud. The story was also shared across a range of news stations. Well done boys!

Mr Grason - 13th September 2018