The Wise Man Built His Classroom on Strong Foundations

We have been retelling the story of the wise man and the foolish man and where they chose to build their houses. At the same time we have been able to see the foundations being laid for the new build. The shutter pans went in and then they were filled with concrete. Andy the builder told the Pioneers all about how they used a laser to check the measurements. This was fascinating for all. Some Pioneers drew a map of the area and others wrote sentences about the building work and all of the equipment being used.

Back in the classroom,we all did some story maps and the resulting writing was simply stunning.

A great week of learning.

A Thunder Storm Didn’t Stop Us

Hello Visitors,

This week, we have enjoyed lots of learning inside and out. We spent all of Friday in the forest, and tackled lots of new challenges: following tracks, creating maps, finding and hiding treasure and shelter building. Despite the thunder storm, we had an amazing time, and it made the atmosphere even better! 

The weather has given us some interesting thought for poetry, whilst we have been using figurative language within our English work. We thought about some interesting new language when we were outside, and we also used the stimuli of the amazing building work that is happening right outside our window. 

In RE, we are continuing to thinking about how life can be seen as a journey for some people. We are considering our life’s journey so far, and perhaps what our future may look like. We will be looking at religious events in some life journeys over the coming weeks. 

During collect worship, we have considered how many acts of service happen throughout our day. From the building creating our wonderful new classrooms, to the small gestures from our friends in class, we think about those who we serve, and who serve us, and send thanks to them.



Fun in Adventurers!

Hi families,


We have had another fun packed week in Adventurers this week. We started the week with a special visit from Father Michael who delivered a worship session to our class. The children enjoyed discussing a story from the Bible and asking questions about it.

This week we have been writing poetry. The children have absolutely loved exploring different types of figurative language and creating their own free verse poems. Hopefully we can share some here next week!

Elsewhere, in Science we have been looking at how animals and humans have different body structures. Next week we are going on to look at the human skeleton in more detail which the children are really looking forward to!


Have a fabulous weekend! 🙂 

Poetry is in the air!

Learners have embraced poetry in English this week. We have been looking closely at Christina Rossetti’s poem ‘What is Pink?’. We discussed the language and mood the poem evokes. We then began to create our own colour poems, thinking carefully about our word choices and the overall feeling of the poem. We are very proud of our poems so far and hope to put all our ideas together to create a class poem to perform next week. 

In Science we have been learning about our senses, we can identify the parts of the body that enable us to see, hear, taste, touch and smell. 

In Art, we have been drawing in the style of Paul Klee. Drawing on our sills of mark making and using light and dark tone, we drew a Paul Klee style portrait. We listened to relaxing piano music as we drew and our final pieces were wonderful. 

We are enjoying singing in class in preparation for our musical concert in Church next Thursday (7th July) at 1.30pm.

Learners Class love to learn 🙂

All About Animals

The Pioneers really enjoyed their time with the visitor from The Dog’s Trust. They were very receptive and were able to recap on the 4 important points from the lesson. They knew not to tough a dog if it is asleep ore eating. The knew not to cuddle a dog and to ask for permission before approaching a dog that was not known to them. This was quite impressive. They all had lots of chat about dogs in their families.

Very useful learning.

After reading Somebody Swallowed Stanley the Pioneers voiced their concerns about the animals in the story-the turtle,the whale and the jellyfish. some had seen videos of animals in distress trapped in fishing nets and discarded plastic. When we went to our forest they noted that their was rubbish and this could be dangerous to wildlife on our site. The Pioneers made their own Stanleys and added labels with a warning “Plastic Bags Don’t Belong in the Forest”. They made story maps and wrote about Stanley.

Happy Learning

We love the outdoors!

We have had a week full of the great outdoors this week. We have enjoyed our first School sports day in two years and it was sensational! The sun was shining, the children tackled each activity with a sense of fun and positivity. They cheered each other on and supported their friends and siblings. Our families were able to spectate this year. There were smiles all round! 

On Friday, we ended the week with a visit to the forest. The weather was beautiful, we found some shade and laid out some rugs and cushions. We read and enjoyed stories together, we sketched using grass and charcoal, we climbed trees, and we even practised our singing for the up and coming church concert. We embraced every moment of being outdoors.

In maths, we have been measuring water this week and learning about capacity and volume. Whilst in science, we have been identifying parts of our bodies.

We were delighted to receive a reply from our hedgehog awareness letters (sent to our neighbours last week) and were lucky to receive a gift of a hedgehog ornament along with a letter. This certainly made our day and we were so thankful to our kind neighbour.

Who knows what next week will have in store?

Read our blog next week to find out!

Learners class.

An Active Week for All

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for visiting our page again, this week. We have had another busy week, with so much fun and excitement. 

Earlier in the week, we spent time with Suzie, from Dogs Trust, and we learned how to keep ourselves safe around dogs. Then, later in the week, some of us took part in Bikeability, and learned how to ride our bikes safely. We practiced on the playground, and then traveled around Sleights Village, gaining experience on roads and different junctions. 

On Thursday afternoon, we had our amazing sports day. We had been waiting a lot time to welcome our families into school, and we showed them our great sport skills, and brilliant team spirit. 

For a look at this week’s adventures, take a look at the images below:


Our exciting week!

Last week Adventurers had a really exciting week!

In English we wrote letters to the WWF on why we thought orangutans were so important to our planet. Mrs Brown posted them on Friday! Hopefully we will get some replies soon.

On Wednesday, we had a busy morning creating some art work that is going to be displayed around the school. In the afternoon, we played tennis at Whitby College. Mrs Brown couldn’t believe how amazing we were!

This morning has been an exciting morning so far as we had a visitor from the Dog’s Trust. She taught us how to look after and protect ourselves around dogs.

Hopefully the rest of the week is just as exciting!

What a Whirlwind of a Week!

This week has had so much great learning going on. Our old buildings have come down and we have met Andy and Jack our builders who are keeping us up to date on progress. we have a whole new vocabulary to use when discussing the building equipment-Skid Steer,Rotor Snip and Containers. We have seen recycling happening on a big scale and watched as the materials are sorted and moved.

Liz,our artist joined us to work on big boards,talking about animals and colours. This was a moment of peace and focus.

The chicks caused a great stir and we all found it very hard not to squeal and jump. They did have little scratchy feet and they did want to flap about a bit. Mrs McGill was there to reassure everyone and offer a firm but gentle hand to move the birds around.

Maths has been magical and involved as always.

Oh and we went to the forest and something had been making big holes in the bark chippings. The Pioneers had a few suggestions to offer but we did not come to a conclusion. We will have to look for further clues!

Very Happy Learning!