A Silver Award for the Hedgehog Heroes!

We are overjoyed to celebrate our Silver award accredited to Sleights this week. Learners class have delighted in their role as Hedgehog Heroes over the last two years. We have shared posters, lead assemblies, written to neighbours and many other things in our campaign to raise the awareness of hedgehogs in our community. We cheered together and felt very proud as our Silver award was announced! A huge well done Learners Class old and new!

As part of our history work, we have been learning about the different types of monarchy this week. We found out about the differences between absolute monarchy and constitutional monarchy and we decided that a constitutional monarchy was a much fairer way to rule! However, we did enjoy creating our own rules and laws as rulers of an absolute monarchy – this was great fun!

On Friday, Learners class have been printing as inspired by our focus artist Andy Warhol. This week we were concentrating on making a clean print and used a range of hard and soft materials. We are looking forward to looking at more of Andy Warhol’s styles and  techniques.

Come and join us on Thursday 9th February, as we will be opening the classroom doors to families to join us for some storytelling activities. Learners can’t wait to share their favourite stories with you!

Counting and Sorting and Lots of Talking

This has been another truly tremendous week of learning in Pioneers. We know what we need to do and we are getting it done. The Pioneers have been excited about number with a focus on the composition of 6,7 and 8. We have talked about what we see and how we see it when looking at collections of objects. We then used counters and wonderful blutac to represent 6,7 and 8 and then wrote calculations using = and +. We also worked on our number formation.

We talked about the shapes and built with them,discussing which were best to stack and roll and why some others were a bit more challenging. The Pioneers spotted faces they recognised and built up their mathematical vocabulary to describe what they saw. We sorted them by colour and by shape and by size. This was fabulous to observe.

Notes were written to add to our buildings.

Friday again!

What a busy week Adventurers have had again!

We have continued planning our Wisp refugee stories in English and are ready to start writing them next week. Everyone has really enjoyed reading The Wisp and we are excited to add our own twist to the story in the book.

In PE, we played our first hockey game in teams of 4. We had so much fun and are getting better and better at passing and defending the ball.

We have started exploring a new artist in art, who is a little closer to home. Jessica Hogarth is from Robin Hood’s Bay and we have all been really inspired by her artwork and created our own sketches of Whitby in black pen.

In science, we have tested whether different materials are conductors or insulators. We have also learnt about how insulators can keep us safe. 

Adventurers 🙂

Friday 3rd February

This week, Leaders have been getting practical in science, exploring the different components that can be used in a circuit and which are essential for one to work. The children were able to use their knowledge about circuits to predict whether a circuit would work and how the components would be effected by the addition of extra components. The children then observed what happened when they made the circuits in class.

In English, the children have been describing Camp Green Lake from the book Holes and have used a range of openers and descriptive techniques when doing so. Using the ideas generated from this week’s lessons, the children have written a setting description, which they have also self-assessed and edited. The children are looking forward to writing their own ‘Holes’ inspired flashback stories next week.

In RE, the children have been exploring how Muslims express their religious beliefs through art work, with some brilliant responses being made. The children have also been enjoying exploring our current Christian Value of courage. They have particularly enjoyed learning about courageous people from history, with one of this week’s being Harriet Tubman. 

Great work, Leaders!

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Learners Class love to learn!

Learners class really are awesome! We have had another wonderful week of  amazing learning!

We have produced some fabulous newspaper reports this week in English, centred around our very own Parker, who has inspired us all with his caring, eco-warrior determination with his idea to collect for the homeless in our community – a truly deserving newspaper report focus!

On Monday, we had a visit from our very own well-being nurse Mel, to raise awareness of Children’s mental Health Week. This years these is ‘Let’s Connect’. We shared the book ‘The Invisible String’ by Patrice Karst and then we created paper chains to represent all the people, places and pets each is child is connected to. Well-being is so important and we really enjoyed Mel’s activities.

In DT this week, we were able to build bridge structures using only paper and sellotape. Our challenge was to make the bridge strong enough to hold some heavy building bricks. We soon found that we needed to roll, fold or layer the paper to make it stronger and stiffer. We delighted in testing the strength of our bridges at the end of the session.

We are three weeks in to our swimming sessions at the local pool and it is clear that our water confidence and skills are improving! 

We have shared lots of stories this week. We love to discuss our favourite characters and chat about the stories we enjoy.

It is clear to see that Learners Class love to learn!

Friday 27th January

It has been another brilliant week in Leaders class.

In English, the children have started their new unit on narrative writing. Over the next few weeks, the children will work towards writing a flashback narrative on our current class text, Holes. To start this unit, the children have been thinking about their vocabulary choices to describe a setting and have been using a range of openers.

In history, Leaders learned how crime was reported in the Roman period. They explored Roman curse tablets to find out more about this theme. 

In art, the children have started their new unit on printing and explored the artist William Morris, enjoying being creative in their art books in the process.

On Friday afternoon, the children finished the week with a session from Mel, who worked with the children to understand more about the brain and how it impacts mental health and well-being. There were some great discussions throughout the afternoon.

Well done, Leaders!

A week with Adventurers!

We have had a lovely week in Adventurers. 

This week, we have practiced our 2, 4 and 8 times tables in maths. We have mastered this! In English, we finished our newspapers on Hope Whitby and started reading The Wisp for our narrative writing topic.

In art, we created prints inspired by Elizabeth Catlett and all produced some amazing black and white prints using polystyrene and black paint.

We became electricians in sciene and created our own series circuits. We found out the more bulbs you add, the duller they become. 

In geography, we researched some famous mountain ranges and found out about the different types of mountains. 

Adventurers 🙂

Safety First

Hello again, Visitors,

This week, we have been thinking about ways that we can stay safe. We have worked with our play therapist Mel and thought about how we can look after our own metal health, we’ve spoken with Mrs Taylor about road safety and how to avoid taking risks, and we have learned about electrical safety, and why it’s important to not overload sockets or have wet hands when using electricity. 

As well as learning about keeping safe, we have also been learning about some people who have to take huge risks in order to stay safe. We have learned all about refugees and migrants, and are beginning to write a narrative about somebody who has to flee their country for safety. 

We are praying for those who are having to move out of their homes so quickly, and for those people who find themselves lost or afraid in a new country.  We are considering ways that we can help refugees, in addition to the collections that we gather at school. 

Happy Lunar New Year

It’s been a cold and frosty week, but Learners have kept busy and cosy in the classroom. 

We have been developing our map skills in Geography this week and have been finding out about the North and South Poles. We found out that these were the two coldest places in the world and really enjoyed researching the different animals we might find in each Pole – Frozen Planet is truly magnificent and we found out lots of information around polar animals and adaptations.

New Sumdog challenges have been set this week in Maths and Learners are working hard to complete their own challenges, using money skills and times tables knowledge. There is some healthy competition in the air!

We ended the week inviting families into Learners Class to join in with Chinese New Year celebrations. The classroom was a hive of activity and a joy to see. Families and children perfected their chopstick skills, wrote messages to each other using the Chinese alphabet, made lanterns and painted blossom trees. 

Don’t forget, it is the rescheduled Christmas disco on Thursday 26th January, KS1 3.30-4.30. I can’t wait to see you all there!