Friday 5th November 2021

Welcome back to our first week after half term.  The colder weather has definitely come to visit and Leaders are thankful for their cosy environment.

This week has been very practical: we have made Rangoli artwork whilst investigating the festival of Diwal; Manglewick candles from our class novel ‘Shadowghast’ whilst investigating shadows; making bridges to help our refuge escape their home country.

There was lots of accurate marking and precision cutting in the building of our bridge structures and we are looking forward to testing out our bridges next week.

In collective worship this week, we have started a new value of Trust and the children have been trying to give trust a definition and investigating what this means.  We have looked at faith as a mustard seed and discussed how, from something small, something much bigger can grow.

A trip to Danby Moor Centre and Diwali Celebrations!

Adventurers have been learning all about Diwali, the Hindu Festival of light. we shared the sacred story of Rama and Sita and made and decorated clay hand dishes. We also enjoyed colouring  Rangoli Patterns and then embellishing these with tissue paper.

On Tuesday, the sun shone for our trip to the Danby Moor Centre. We took part in lots of activities including: learning about different maps, how to read a key and how to find different human and physical features using 4 figure grid references. We really enjoyed doing field work and learning how to use a compass to navigate a course to help find a secret code.

We even had time to enjoy the wonderful play park and take in the beautiful surroundings!

Astronauts in the making!

As part of our new writing focus, we have been excited to watch an advert from the European Space Agency this week.  The Agency was appealing for astronaut candidates for their new space mission – we decided to apply!

We thought carefully about the skills and qualities we had that would make us a successful astronaut – we had lots!.

On Wednesday, we had an interview selection process in class – see attached photo. We interviewed potential astronauts (our friends) and asked them some probing questions about their skills and qualities. Luckily – we all got the job! 

Next week, we will be launching into space and writing a newspaper report to reflect our journey!

Also this week, we have been celebrating Diwali. We created our own artwork to show how we individually interpreted light. We used brightly coloured paints to reflect brightness, joy and positivity. Take a look at our Gallery of artwork. I think you will agree they look wonderful.

There will be some new challenges set on Sumdog this week, so enjoy the games and test your skills.

Don’t forget to watch our School Harvest Festival on Tapestry this week. It is just lovely.

Learners Class