School Procedures

Keeping children, staff and families safe is our priority. A full risk assessment has been undertaken to review our school procedures. This document can be viewed, upon request. The school has produced a number of information sheets, based on the risk assessment, to outline the key steps and actions to keep children, staff and families safe. 

Dropping off and picking up children from school Class Grouping Information The school day Keeping the site clean and safe Dealing with a suspected case of Coronavirus
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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the school day work?

How will the school day work? 

Children will work in bubble groups (their class groups) throughout the full school day. This will include having different play times and lunchtimes to other groups. In their bubbles, children will work side by side, rather than face on. Within their bubbles, children will have their own stationary kits, including pencils and work books etc. No equipment for the classroom is needed from home.  

What should my child wear for school? 

We ask that children wear school uniform. Whilst the government have now stated that this does not need to be clean on every day, we ask that this is cleaned regularly. 

What time is pick up and drop off? 

Each class has a staggered pick up and drop off time. We have a one way system, which staff will be on hand to guide you through. 

 If your child is currently in Pre-School/Explorers, arrive from 8.50am (Pick up times vary) 

If your child is currently in Reception/Pioneers, please collect at your eldest child’s times.

If your child is currently in Year 1/Learners, arrive at 9.00am, pick up at 3.10pm

If your child is currently in Year 2 or 3 / Adventurersarrive at 9.00am, pick up at 3.15pm 

If your child is currently in Year 4/Discoverers, arrive at 8.50am, pick up at 3.15pm 

If your child is currently in Year 5/Leaders, arrive at 8.50am, pick up at 3.10pm

Lunch money:  

Lunch money should be paid using ParentPay, or in a sealed envelope.


Snack is paid for weekly, in advance. We ask that this is paid on ParentPay, or in a sealed envelope.

What can the children bring to school? 

Items brought in from home must be limited to ‘essential items only’. This means a book bag for reading books, a water bottle (taken home each day), coat and PE kit (which will remain in school). We are not able to safely accommodate any other items. Large rucksacks cannot be brought into school.  

What about breakfast and after school clubs? 

We are pleased these will be up and running again. They will take place in the hall and all sessions should be booked in advance. We have made a small increase of 50p to each session cost to allow all children to have a snack. To avoid over handling of money, there will be no additional ‘tuck shop’.  

Will swimming be going ahead? 

We do not have plans to run any trips at this time, including swimming. This decision will be kept under review and I will share any changes with you. 

What is the school doing about ‘catching up’ on work missed during school closures? 

It is important to remember that all children missed out on the same amount of time from school. During lockdown, a range of exciting opportunities and adventures were undertaken by the children. We know that some families were able to access significant amounts of the set home learning offer and others explored themes and ideas in other ways. Some families did a combination of both. We are proud of everyone’s efforts during lockdown. Over the summer, we have been working hard on our curriculum to ensure that any key areas of subjects are revisited or taught to allow learning to continue. Essentially, we will be working with the children’s own needs and using this as the starting point for our planning. We will be closely monitoring progress. If you would like to discuss the revised curriculum approach to meet missed content, please just let me know.